Give it to all to me

What is it that you carry? What weighs your heart so?

Is it the hurt from the past or the fear of the future?

Is it the scars on your heart or the pain that you bear?

Who did this to you? Who made you feel raw until you bled, and you cried until you slept?

Was it a lover? Was it your father? Or mother?

Or was it your friend who couldn’t put you first when you lost?

You lost her and though He lifted the pain, yet you could still feel that she wasn’t there

The worst part isn’t that she’s not there but that she’s never going to be there

Who hurt you? What do you carry?

Is it your dreams of making a difference that seem to drift further each day?

Is it the hope that you hold on to that’s getting ripped from your grip with each rejection you get?

Is it the anger that burns within from the fact that you know you are stronger than this but so weak all the same?

Or is it the times that you asked for help but their view of your pain was greater than the pain itself so your tears scorched your face?

What is it that you carry my child? What is the hurt that you bear?

Give it to me I ask, give it to me my beloved

I see you, I hear you, I love you

Your pain is valid, it is real

But you my darling are better than the hurt, you are stronger than the weight of the knots in your chest

Yes you are strong but what you carry isn’t yours

They hurt too you know, your lover, father, mother and friend

Give it all to me, bear my mark, carry my love, be the light in the dark

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