Just breathe

Luke 12: 28-31

Vs 31 says “seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given you as well.” What things? vs 29 says “do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink” and the verse before that talks about worrying about what to wear and Jesus compares us to wild flowers and how he can clothe us better  than they look. Vs 30 stands out to me because it says that the pagan world runs after all such things and my Father knows that I need them.

The quest to satisfy the flesh seems to be the problem. Our quest should be to satisfy our spirit. We can only do that by learning the things of His kingdom. Seek His kingdom doesn’t mean going to church, reading the bible, paying tithe, helping the poor. I mean those things are good and show that you indeed have met with God but I think what God means by seeking the kingdom means getting to know Him and what He is about. Who is He? What is He about? What’s His plan? Being intimate with Him. Being vulnerable with God. Not being ashamed. He desperately wants to be in us and teach us. We have to stop trying to be, stop trying to think for Him and allow Him through the knowledge of His word work us out and give us the life we desire. I know I may have contradicted myself by saying reading the bible is not seeking Him then I went on to say His word would help us know Him. What I mean is that many people read the bible to get a miracle, to get blessings and be successful. That in itself is not a bad thing but seems selfish. It’s just like a man/woman doing everything the way you like just because of what they are going to get from you. Not because they genuinely care about you but because of the gains of pleasing them. This means that if you take out the benefits then this person will walk away. You should study the word to know who He is. To exalt Him, to regard Him, to honor Him and just be in awe of His awesomeness.

It is difficult to let go of self and throw caution to wind and just not worry, but I tell you, it is possible.

Now to the naysayers and righteous brethren, to the finger pointers and doubting Thomas’, I need a favor from you. Take out that part of your mind that is judging what I’m saying, the part that is dissecting each word and sentence and making it suit your narrative.

This is not about religion, yes, Christianity is a religion but this is about Jesus Christ.

Your mind is probably telling you now that I’m saying don’t work because God said He’ll give you everything 2 Thess 3:10 – the lazy man will not eat, read Proverbs 6:6-11 and see what it says about hard work, Proverbs 24: 30- 34 and my favorite James 2:14-26. No one is telling you not to go out there to put food on your table or get nice things of life but that is not the essence of man. That shouldn’t be the entirety of your existence. Truth is that in my quest to know God, I have become a better person. It’s impossible to really spend time with God and not benefit from Him. It’s like when they say, bad company corrupts good manners, I mean it’s only a matter of time before the thing/person you spend time on/with begins to influence your life.

So please don’t see this as another religious babble, it isn’t. It’s an opinion about how to relieve yourself of the load called life. It’s an option to live free, to know that you are loved beyond measure. What you think is Christian is merely religion. I can promise you that. The things you are used to hearing and seeing about believers in Jesus Christ is what people interpret the word to be. You can hear it but you are responsible for the interpretation. Take a chance yourself and find out what He truly says in His word. For instance, you hear people tell you how you should dress/talk/just be for you to be worthy to get to Him, let me tell you something Jesus ancestry has a prostitute in there – Rahab. Like 15 generations or so before Him. He always was with those considered unworthy. He always believed in loving people for their substance that’s who they are and not what they do. He definitely didn’t condone their behavior but their behavior didn’t disqualify them from His love.

Whenever you come in touch with “Judgina’s” and “Judgets” please ask them what Romans 8:38-39, Mark 2:17 or Luke 19:10 say.

God doesn’t expect us to continue in that behavior that doesn’t honor Him. He wants us to stop that behavior and leave that sin and that comes as part of our salvation and not a prerequisite. We are not able to cleanse ourselves without God. That’s His job. He didn’t say clean up then you become worthy. He sees you worthy and then cleans you up.

As I said, this isn’t a sermon. It’s just a way to help those who are tired of trying to figure out life, exhausted with the idea of perfectionism, done with church, done with religion and all you want is to breathe.

You have the power to turn it around; all you have to do is inform yourself, read/study for yourself. Don’t let someone tell you what your maker thinks of you. Find out what He thinks of and for you by yourself.



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