Read Books? This way 😊

Here’s a list of books that I read last year. Just like my taste in music, I can’t pick a particular genre. People ask me what kind of music I like and I have never been able to pick a genre, movies on the other hand, my favorite genre is “horror”. Anyway, I’ll review all with one exception. So let’s get cracking!

UninvitedLysa TerKeurst

Stories of Your Life and OthersTed Chang

Love Won’t Leave Me OutCJ Moody (Written by a work colleague)

Fifty Shades FreedE. L. James

We’re Going to Need More WineGabrielle Union

The Woman Who Smashed CodesJason Fagone

Born A CrimeTrevor Noah

BluetsMaggie Nielson

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst
So the title of this book is actually what attracted me to it. And the front cover had “Living Loved when you feel less than, left out and lonely” I thought that it was an interesting topic. I particularly like this book because it made me aware of others view about myself. It also made me think very deeply about my perception of other people’s perception of me. Yea I know that’s like some ‘inception’ business going on here but trust me, it’s really good. It talks about using people and loving things. This book made me vulnerable to myself 😧, I know, “how can I be vulnerable to myself right?” The fun part for me is that there’s an assessment at the end of the book, one for yourself and another for others to assess you. This was what helped in understanding the perception thing. In all, this book helped me work on my weaknesses and affirm my strengths. If you like to improve on yourself, this is a good book for you.
By the way, ‘inception’ is a movie. Watch at the risk of your sanity 😌

Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chang
Okay so I love this book. It was a mind trip for me. Just like the title hints at, it’s not just one story but a compilation of stories. While I wish that each story was in itself, it’s nice that the author gives the reader the creative opportunity to express their interpretation of each story. One of the stories is the basis for the movie ‘Arrival’ which I absolutely love. Don’t worry, you can watch it. It is sci-fi and not horror 😉. My favorite stories in there are, in no particular order- Tower of Babylon, Story of your Life and Hell Is the Absence of God. I would highly recommend this book to sci-fi fans and anyone who loves the beauty of nothingness. It’s an amazing read.

Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. James
Curiosity got me into this trilogy. It’s the final part of the three part series- Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and the last Fifty Shades Freed by author E. L. James. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book because it is lacking in substance and centers on a lot of ‘controversy’ –insert my curiosity 😶, if you are going to watch the movie, please read the books first. Trust me, you will thank me later. The book in itself lacks any kind of substance but the movie “Dear Lord” 🙄 is worse. You may then ask why it made the list, good question. It’s for those who want to watch the movie really. Please for your sake, read the books first, your brain cells and eye socket will thank you.

Bluets by Maggie Nielson
This gem right here is another trip for me. I mean this author inspires me. I love the idea of creating stuff from absolute nothingness. Yes I said “nothingness” and not “nothing”, it’s not a typo and maybe it is grammatically wrong but it is exactly what I mean. The author talks about a color, that’s the entirety of the book but she made something out of it. I will recommend this book to artistes, poets, musicians and anyone else in that category or for anyone who can  relate with their artistic side. If you are someone who sees things for exactly what they are, this book is a bore but if you can see the nuances in life or a concept, you have to read this. Just free your creative juices lol.

We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union
Hmm, this review is sort of difficult for me because I would hate to make someone’s hard work sound bad. Remember this is just my opinion of what I read. Maybe I shouldn’t have led with that intro because now you have formed an idea of the book without having said anything about the book 😆 For those of you who have been living under a rock/don’t know Gabrielle Union, she is also an actress and has a TV show Being Mary Jane. I stopped watching that by the way but this is about her book and not the show. It’s basically a book about her life so far. She talks about growing up black in America. Her marriages, fertility and other personal issues which I absolutely respect. I appreciate her honesty and vulnerability in her stories. Putting her life out there for the world must have been a difficult choice hence the need for some liquid courage. I’m tempted to go full on with my view but this is not the post for that. So to whom am I recommending this book 🤔 – anyone who is interested in knowing what growing up black in America feels like, and basically anyone who just wants to read a book about someone’s perseverance through a barrage of life’s lemons.

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah
I don’t have a “screaming in excitement emoji” but if you have one, insert it in your thoughts for me. This book is amaze-balls!!! It is a master-piece. Oh my goodness, I’m not ‘fan-girling/crushing’ over a ridiculously good-looking and funny, I mean really funny – dude hosts the ‘Daily Show’ on a network called ‘Comedy Central’ so you have to understand the ‘how funny he is” part. Okay I’m done obsessing 😌 Like I said in my previous review, I can’t disrespect someone’s hard work but this right here, is an inspiration from someone who had a very tough childhood and part of his adult life too. I loved every chapter of the book. I would tell you my favorite parts but I really don’t want to spoil anything for you. Just go out there and buy this book. It is really good. As a Nigerian and a proud Yoruba “geh’ ✊, I relate with this guy on every level, okay maybe not every level but a lot of levels lol. It’s like a tribute to his amazing mother and he said during an interview that it wasn’t his plan to make her the heroin the book but I guess you can’t hide a star. His mother is super amazing. It had me in tears, laughter and made me think really deeply about social constructs. Don’t look at this piece as written by a comedian or this African guy who talks trash about the politics of another country but see this as a piece or art from a highly intelligent and eloquent man. I recommend this book to EVERYBODY.  One word mind-blowing. Okay you can debate that but you get my point.

The Woman Who Smashed Codes by Jason Fagone
I kind of stalked/kept tabs on the author for a while after reading an article he wrote about guns and what they do to the body. I wish I can find the link to the piece and post it on here. I promise you, you have never read a piece about guns, pain, blood and death that is so beautifully written. I mean it was like listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It was food to my eyes 😍. That piece led me to stalk/find him on twitter and of course when he announced this book, I had to get it! It’s a love story, it’s a story of survival, it’s a story of faith, strength, deceit, intelligence, greed, war etc. It’s a lot I tell you but it’s beautiful. I’m going to quote from the chapter “Hitler’s Lair” “The sooner we realize that we are all God’s children regardless of color, race, creed, nationality, etc., the better for all nations and the world as a whole.” I could go on about the different amazing parts int the book but then again, I don’t want to spoil it! It’s really difficult holding back but please read this book. It’s for women who feel overlooked, it’s for men who fear vulnerability and it’s for anyone who dares to be the best.

All of these books you can get on Amazon which is great because they ship everywhere I think 🤔. Oh and please you too can recommend away! Thank you 😊

Hi there! 😊, personal opinion here so don’t get too excited 😉

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