Who really is a friend? I ask

What is a friend? I ask

The question I fear most is, “Do I have one?

You may think that the better question would be, “Am I a friend?”

But that I already know, I am a friend.

“How do you know this?” You ask.

I am loyal, I put you before me

See, I have lost, we all have lost but this is not about your loss

It’s about me. Yes today, I choose me.

Damn you for judging me, for calling me names

Damn you for not accepting me as I am

I’m welcome when I agree with you and you dismiss me when I don’t

You see, that’s not a friend

“Do I need one?” No, but “Do I want one?” Yes

There’s a friend I know I have that’s loyal, always there

But that feels like it’s not enough, I want more, I need more

See into my soul, look inside my pain, free me

Let me be me, perfectly imperfect

A work in progress

“Who is a friend?” I ask again

I am a friend, I am my friend

I will be loyal to me, I will let me be me, I will let me speak

I will not bore me with religious mumbo-jumbo

I will not patronize me with scripture, I will listen to me

I will not manipulate me, and I will not lie to me

I will always tell me the truth especially when it’s uncomfortable

Are you your friend?

Today, I choose me, it hurts, more than hurts

I’ve never had my skin ripped off of me but this feels close

“See me, hear me, let me speak” I am not okay, let me not be okay

Be your friend, choose you. Hear you

Cliche- my best friend is You.

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