Did he really wait?

So I read the book of Genesis a couple of months ago and I noticed a lot of things I didn’t know before or should I say I thought I knew because of how I have interpreted what I heard. The one that really stood out to me though is the story of Jacob and Rachel. I have thought this whole time that Jacob had to wait another 7 years to get Rachel but from what I read in Gen 29 from vs 27 – 30 (I suggest you read the whole thing though) , Laban made another deal with Jacob πŸ™„ that if he fulfilled the wedding week , he will let him marry Rachel but then he must serve another seven years. Vs 28 says “So Jacob did this and finished the week and Laban gave him his daughter Rachel as a wife” and then goes on to say that Jacob worked for Laban another 7 years.

It used to be my understanding that Jacob waited 14years to be with Rachel but from what I read, he waited 7 but instead worked for 14years to pay off his side of the deal.

I’m still thinking that there’s something I missed because many messages have been preached saying he waited 14years for Rachel or maybe it’s just me thinking that’s what they meantπŸ€”.

Anyways, I was just excited to find out that he got her after 7 years because holding a torch for someone for 14years is no joke 😣😣😒😭

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