“Glass Wafer”

I love kids. They are amazing! Not disputing that they could be naughty and a handful but all of that is insignificant to having a conversation with a kid. For the most part, I have always been around kids. I’m the youngest child to my parents and I grew up with cousins and kids my grandma decided to take in because their parents couldn’t afford all of the expenses that comes with raising a kid. At an early age, I volunteered in the youth church to take care of babies/kids while their parents got the much needed break to recharge their spiritual batteries. I never saw it as a task and I looked forward to it actually. So what exactly fascinates me? You may think it’s because they are cute, well yes they are captain obvious! 🙄 lol but that’s not the only thing that draws me in. It’s a couple of things, one of the obvious reasons is their innocence. Have you ever had a conversation with a 3year old? You will be amazed at their wealth of knowledge. They say it without any type of goal in mind. They are not trying to get you to like them, put a coin in their “you owe me” jar or any of the other reasons adults do. I currently volunteer teaching/mentoring kids age 5 -8years and I must say it’s the best thing that I have ever spent my time doing. People see me and ask “How do you do it?, kids are a handful…” little do they know that the kids help me more than I help them. There are days when I’m totally out of it. Life has thrown me a curve ball and I’m pretty much done with making lemonades with my lemons but then I get into the classroom and nothing else matters. It’s the most interesting thing, I would leave work, drive an hr 30 minutes plus in traffic to the center and in traffic, I’m dog tired and just can’t wait to go home, but as soon as I get into the classroom, I forget I’m tired. I’m just excited to teach the kids, for them to ask questions and just see them learn new things and see them grow.

As a christian, there are lots of times my faith has been tested and boy must I say, it’s a tough one. There’s a particular day I remember. I was ready to quit teaching the kids because I was so tired with life and I wasn’t getting anywhere with the job hunt, I wasn’t investing as much time in researching the topics I was to teach and just basically wanted to give up. I didn’t feel like God was hearing me or was in the mood to answer my prayers so yeah you get the picture. The topic was “God loves everybody”. I got in class, just going through the motions with talking and listening with the kids but then one of the kids asked me “Will God love you even if you are naughty?” I can’t remember if it was a boy or a girl but that question is what broke me, I had tears in my eyes and I told him “God loves you no matter what, He doesn’t want you to be naughty but He loves you still”. I felt like a hypocrite that day, here I was, week-in-week-out teaching these kids about God’s infinite love and I’m about to quit just because my prayers have been unanswered and as a result questioning His love *smh*. I decided to not quit that day and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made because if I had quit, I may have never realized that my passion lies with youth empowerment/development or anything that involves spending my time helping in general. #Altruism

The other thing that I think pulls me in is that I think every child has the right to have a healthy, positive and motivating childhood. They deserve to be heard, they deserve to have a personality and all this comes from a my own childhood. I grew up in an environment where I wasn’t allowed to speak whenever adults were around. I was very inquisitive but there was no one to answer my questions. The only way I could find answers was to read books, I read novels and pretty much anything with words in it, I even studied the dictionary *smh* #NerdAlert. This of course meant I was in my own world and at that age, I learned to be very self-sufficient. I didn’t need anyone to help me figure things out because I had to do it on my own. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it shaped me into this amazing woman that I am but a part of me wishes I was allowed to speak up.  I would have learned more and quicker too. I wouldn’t have to fight so hard as an adult to explain my “independent” personality to people (I always find myself explaining to people my actions and that’s very exhausting). For some very interesting reason people always feel like your every move is a reflection of your thoughts towards them, Lord 🙄. Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing childhood, I played too much (#TomBoy). Anyways, because of my experience, I feel the need to stand up for kids, to let them speak, express their ideas and thoughts, to make it a safe environment without discrimination of any kind. It’s like I want to give them the best shot they can get to become a successful citizen of the world.

Another thing is that they keep me grounded. My actions or in-actions will affect them one way or the other and that keeps me in check.

Most importantly, I just love them, irrespective of age or any other attribute. They are my happy place. I generally love helping out. I just have found myself needed in youth development especially with the 5-8 age range but I’ve always loved working with different age groups and different humanitarian organizations. Words cannot describe the excitement I feel when I’m helping in any capacity. Over time, I realize I have worked or I’m working with different charitable organizations and although they are mostly faith-based and that’s because they are the easiest to join, the only goal is helping those in need, there’s room for growth and it’s just very relaxed. I see myself going into humanitarian services full-time in the nearest future ( working hard on it right now 🤓📖 🔜🎓 #Grace )  and I honestly cannot wait to be in that “glass wafer” 😊

So I challenge you today-

  • Have a conversation with a kid
  • Do something selfless
  • Feed your passion *healthy*
  • Give that dream one more shot or as many shots as it is required to make it your reality #NeverGiveUp
  • Believe #Faith
These words are more so to encourage me and help me put my thoughts into ink. It is in no way meant to belittle anyone or hurt anybody. If you find it encouraging then 🆒 if not, please keep it moving 🤝


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