Is it just me or…?

“Is it just me or…?” Lately and when I say lately, I probably mean my entire adult life, I feel like there’s so much that I’m supposed be or I was born in the wrong generation. Lots of thoughts run through my mind all the time and I’ve always kept little writings here and there but I honestly would like to find my spirit animals out here hence the title -“Is it just me or…?” So dear Panther in arms, please do a girl a favor and scribble away…

Is it just me or…;

Is this legit success taking forever?

Has honesty become a faux pas?

Is pretending to be working for 8hours a lot more tasking than actually working for 8hours?

Does it feel like disagreeing with a view makes you the enemy?

Does the entire team of people who signed off on removing the audio jack on the iphone 7 deserve to be fired?

Do you dream of waking up one day and everything just clicks?

Would you work for free for a limited time as long as it’s along your career path and fulfills your passion?

Do you feel you are being punished for all of your sins, past present and future?

Does the desire to selflessly help others outweigh life?

Do you feel like you are under achieving?

You feel you are not being heard?

You ask the question “why can’t we just live happy together”?

Wearing makeup all day ‘errday just really stressful?

I’m going to stop here and let you take over. I really want to find my spirit animals lol so scribble away in the comments section.



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